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What's Available Now? (Northern Hemisphere)

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Image Name Time
Location Price
ant ant All dayOn rotten turnips80
bagworm bagworm All dayShake tree600
centipede centipede 4 pm – 11 pmHit rocks300
citrus long-horned beetle citrus long-horned beetle All dayOn tree stumps350
common butterfly common butterfly 4 am – 7 pmNear flowers160
Leavingemperor butterfly emperor butterfly 5 pm – 8 amNear flowers4,000
fly fly All dayOn garbage60
hermit crab hermit crab 7 pm – 8 amBeach1,000
Newhoneybee honeybee 8 am – 5 pmNear flowers200
Newladybug ladybug 8 am – 5 pmOn flowers200
Newman-faced stink bug man-faced stink bug 7 pm – 8 amOn flowers1,000
Newmantis mantis 8 am – 5 pmOn flowers430
mole cricket mole cricket All dayUnderground500
moth moth 7 pm – 4 amLit windows130
Neworchid mantis orchid mantis 8 am – 5 pmOn white flowers2,400
paper kite butterfly paper kite butterfly 8 am – 7 pmNear flowers1,000
Newpeacock butterfly peacock butterfly 4 am – 7 pmNear black, blue, or purple flowers2,500
pill bug pill bug 11 pm – 4 pmHit rocks250
snail snail All dayRock (rain)250
spider spider 7 pm – 8 amShake tree600
Newstinkbug stinkbug All dayOn flowers120
tarantula tarantula 7 pm – 4 amGround8,000
tiger beetle tiger beetle All dayGround1,500
Newtiger butterfly tiger butterfly 4 am – 7 pmNear flowers240
wasp wasp All dayShake tree2,500
wharf roach wharf roach All dayBeach (rocks)200
Newyellow butterfly yellow butterfly 4 am – 7 pmNear flowers160


Image Name Time
Location Shadow
anchovy anchovy 4 am – 9 pmSeaSmall200
Newbarred knifejaw barred knifejaw All daySeaMedium5,000
barreleye barreleye 9 pm – 4 amSeaSmall12,000
Leavingbitterling bitterling All dayRiverTiny900
black bass black bass All dayRiverLarge400
blue marlin blue marlin All dayPierHuge10,000
bluegill bluegill 9 am – 4 pmRiverSmall180
carp carp All dayPondLarge300
Newchar char 4 pm – 9 amRiver (Clifftop)Medium3,800
Newcherry salmon cherry salmon 4 pm – 9 amRiver (Clifftop)Medium1,000
coelacanth coelacanth All daySea (Rain)Huge15,000
crucian carp crucian carp All dayRiverSmall160
dab dab All daySeaMedium300
dace dace 4 pm – 9 amRiverMedium240
Leavingfootball fish football fish 4 pm – 9 amSeaLarge2,500
freshwater goby freshwater goby 4 pm – 9 amRiverSmall400
Newgolden trout golden trout 4 pm – 9 amRiver (Clifftop)Medium15,000
goldfish goldfish All dayPondTiny1,300
horse mackerel horse mackerel All daySeaSmall150
koi koi 4 pm – 9 amPondLarge4,000
Newloach loach All dayRiverSmall400
oarfish oarfish All daySeaHuge9,000
olive flounder olive flounder All daySeaVery Large800
pale chub pale chub 9 am – 4 pmRiverTiny200
pop-eyed goldfish pop-eyed goldfish 9 am – 4 pmPondTiny1,300
ranchu goldfish ranchu goldfish 9 am – 4 pmPondSmall4,500
red snapper red snapper All daySeaLarge3,000
sea bass sea bass All daySeaVery Large400
Leavingsea butterfly sea butterfly All daySeaTiny1,000
squid squid All daySeaMedium500
Leavingstringfish stringfish 4 pm – 9 amRiver (Clifftop)Very Large15,000
Leavingsturgeon sturgeon All dayRiver (Mouth)Huge10,000
Newtadpole tadpole All dayPondTiny100
tuna tuna All dayPierHuge7,000
Leavingyellow perch yellow perch All dayRiverMedium300


Image Name Time
Movement Shadow
acorn barnacle acorn barnacle All dayStationaryUnknown600
Newchambered nautilus chambered nautilus 4 pm – 9 amUnknownUnknown1,800
Dungeness crab Dungeness crab All dayUnknownUnknown1,900
Newfirefly squid firefly squid 9 pm – 4 amUnknownUnknown1,400
mantis shrimp mantis shrimp 4 pm – 9 amUnknownUnknown2,500
octopus octopus All dayUnknownUnknown1,200
pearl oyster pearl oyster All dayUnknownUnknown2,800
Leavingred king crab red king crab All dayUnknownUnknown8,000
scallop scallop All dayUnknownUnknown1,200
sea anemone sea anemone All dayStationaryUnknown500
sea cucumber sea cucumber All dayUnknownUnknown500
sea slug sea slug All dayUnknownUnknown600
sea star sea star All dayUnknownUnknown500
seaweed seaweed All dayStationaryUnknown600
snow crab snow crab All dayUnknownUnknown6,000
Newspider crab spider crab All dayUnknownUnknown12,000
Newturban shell turban shell All dayUnknownUnknown1,000
Newumbrella octopus umbrella octopus All dayUnknownUnknown6,000
whelk whelk All dayUnknownUnknown1,000